The University of Exeter will be hosting the Exeter Translation Festival on May 12th-13th 2022.

This year’s theme is ‘Translation Goes Global’.

Cadenza will be participating with a lecture from Mark Mellor and a Q & A round table. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s festival:

  • Transcultural Devon
  • Translation and Art with Valeria Brancaforte
  • The Languages Local to You
  • Choosing Words to Save The Planet
  • Translating Evil Words – by Mark Mellor
  • The Journey of an Academic Text – Q&A with the Cadenza Academic Translations team
  • Transcreation: The Art of Marketing Translation
  • Translation in Learning Cornish
  • Translating Shakespeare across time and space
  • Taking Flight in a Climate Crisis: Image-Word-Birdsong
  • Speech Bubbles

Join us for a celebration of languages and cultures from across the world.
Come along to a range of thought-provoking, exciting and interactive events that celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of languages and cultures. Discover the many innovative and creative ways of translating between them…the written word and beyond!

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