I’m Amy, an MA Translation Studies student at the University of Exeter. I recently joined the Cadenza team as a Project Management intern.

At Cadenza, translation is rarely a solitary affair but rather a collaborative process involving various individuals. Developing and nurturing relationships with this intricate network of individuals, or ‘collaborators’, is an important part of a PM’s role and a process that has fascinated me during my time here.

Each collaborator has travelled a unique pathway to Cadenza and each experience adds layers of expertise to their profile. For a PM involved in the recruitment process, an open mind is key as well as intuition: foresight to understand what someone could bring to the table. Once on board, integrating a collaborator into the workflow demands an in-depth working knowledge of their attributes and an excellent memory. Matching the best possible translator/editor to a text ensures deadlines are met and work flows smoothly.

Sometimes, a text is entrusted to a brand-new, but still rigorously tested, collaborator, giving a platform to a novice translator/editor or offering a chance to connect with an experienced linguist who offers the missing piece to the puzzle of skill sets. Other times, when a tight deadline demands precision and reliability, the faithful network of longstanding collaborators comes into play, highlighting the importance of trust and good communication in an ongoing relationship.

This insight is valuable, not only for aspiring Project Managers, but for those considering a career as a freelance translator or editor too. Be mindful of how you present yourself to a company, as well as the skills and experiences that you highlight. Translation companies such as Cadenza Academic Translations will take note: perhaps it is your unique skill set that will be called upon for the next piece of work!