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How editing can make you a better translator

It’s often thought that being an experienced translator makes you a better editor. This is certainly true, but it can also work the other way around. In this blog, I’ll discuss the various ways in which experience as an editor can improve the quality of your translations. First, editing allows you to improve your attention [...]

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The life of an editor at Cadenza

I’m Katie, a two-time graduate of the University of Exeter with a BA in English and an MA in Translation Studies. I began working as an in-house editor for Cadenza in May last year—disproving my fears that my humanities education would never get me a job! Here, I’ll briefly reflect on my first impressions of [...]

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Welcome to the Cadenza blog!

Here at Cadenza, we are all hugely passionate about translation in general and academic translation in particular. Our aim for this blog is to create a forum for our thoughts on a wide range of topics: how we operate at Cadenza, our reflections on translating and editing academic texts, current practical and theoretical issues in [...]

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